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RECARO Formula 3 Cup

Championship secured in oval premiere

Peter Elkmann, Jo Zeller Racing and Opel-Spiess made it! In the 15th round of the 18-round 2005 RECARO Formula 3 Cup season, held at the last weekend in August at the EuroSpeedway Lausitz, they succeeded in celebrating the season's major success. Behind the wheel of his Dallara F304 Opel-Spiess, Peter Elkmann clinched the drivers' title in Germany's fastest single seater series.

A third place was enough for the 23-year old from Steinfurt to win the title. Following this result, he had 129 points on his tally and held a lead none of his rivals could draw level with, in the final three rounds of the season. "I'm overjoyed and have to particularly thank my team, Jo Zeller Racing, and our engine partner, Spiess," said the new champion. "Never did we experience technical problems and we always had an engine offering me the chance of battling for the win." This assessment is confirmed by a glance at the RECARO Formula 3 Cup table. The former Superkart driver scored points in each of the 15 races contested so far, clinched five wins, secured eight pole positions and set eight fastest race laps.

Furthermore, it was just perfect that Peter Elkmann succeeded in winning his title in the Formula 3 oval premiere, as the event at the two-mile oval located in the Niederlausitz region made Formula 3 history. More than 10,000 motor racing enthusiasts witnessed two blinding fast and incredibly thrilling races. The lead changed in every single lap - in some of the laps even several times - and the single-seaters cornered the banked bends of the tri-oval side by side: two cars, three cars or even four. At massive average speeds of more than 250kph! The young guns delivered a disciplined, fair, focused and courageous performance and were deservedly celebrated by the crowds.

At the end of the day, it was nearly secondary that Jan Seyffarth and Ferdinand Kool were the winners of the two rounds held at the EuroSpeedway, this weekend. The show was the main attraction, and the show was fantastic. Once again, the RECARO Formula 3 Cup and the event's organiser, the German 'Formel-3-Vereinigung (Formula 3 Association) have proven to be visionary. Following the huge success of the oval premiere, this kind of motor racing could become a regular element of the Formula 3 calendar.

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